ColorConsole a CMD Alternative

ColorConsole is a Windows tool to access the command line. In line with its name, it supports fancy color options. What really make this a great tool are the friendlier interface and extra features. It uses a flexible text editor as its text interface, which lets you copy and paste things very easily. It also has a menu to store commands, it exports the screen to HTML or print, can run multiple threads in separate windows, and even has a nifty directory finder menu.

If you have to work on the command line often, this tool will make things a lot easier.

Software by by Nenad Hrg – Homepage.  See it at Snapfiles – ColorConsole

Notepad2 – Notepad Replacement

The Notepad on steroids. Quickness and simplicity, the Notepad’s two most acclaimed features are the core of this little editor; except Notepad2 goes the extra mile to provide syntax highlighting, brace matching, auto indent, rectangular selection, etc. With this tool around, there is no reason to have the original Notepad on your PC. (Source code available)


Software by Flo’s Freeware. Homepage

Popcorn Portable Email Client

Popcorn is a lightweight and portable email client (pop3) for Windows. Tested on XP -> Win 7.

Settings are saved to the same folder as the executable file. No need to install anything. For portability simply copy the folder and go. Excellent for testing pop3 and smtp email connections (note: no imap support.)

Software by Ultrafunk. The homepage seems to be down. Version 1.99.3